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Workplace safety (SeSotho)

Workplace safety – Part 1 (isiXhosa)

Workplace safety – Part 2 (isiXhosa)

Traveling to work safely

Safety in the office
Part 1 (SeSotho)

Safety in the office
Part 2 (SeSotho)

These free, light-hearted, COVID-19 workplace educational videos are intended to raise awareness among workers and employers about COVID-19. They are available in isiZulu, isiXhosa and seSotho with English subtitles. Watch, download and freely share these for a range of key messages about staying safe in workplaces by wearing masks properly; social distancing; sneezing into your elbow; following workplace protocols in terms of daily screening; travelling safely on public transport to and from work; socialising safely outside of work; and when and how one should self-isolate.

Corona Cards

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As the country gears up for the festive period, employers and unions across both the private and public sectors should keep in mind that COVID-19 is not going on leave – so employees should be reminded to “stay safe” so that they can return to work safely in the new year.

This could be made easier for both employers and unions (as well as other organisations engaging with workers) through the launch of this range of easily accessible and free resources which have been produced through collaboration between the Solidarity Fund and Return2Work (R2W).

These resources are aimed at educating workers around staying safe in their workplaces and beyond and also to assist all employers in educating workers in a more collaborative space around health and safety in the current context.

The following resources have been developed and are available free for download:

  • Health and safety training manual – this manual is for facilitators in companies, unions and other resource organisations to use as a guide to train employees, shop stewards and other worker representatives around staying safe in their workplaces (and beyond).
  • A PowerPoint presentation  – to use in conjunction with the training manual.
  • Participants guide – this is a summary of the key issues raised during the health and safety training which learners can take away with them. It is available to be printed or distributed via WhatsApp.
  • Worker health and safety packs – this is aimed at encouraging employers to put together safety packs to motivate workers to adhere to the safety protocols. These safety packs should ideally be funded by employers who would distribute them to employees once they have completed their health and safety training or as and when it is opportune.
  • Corona cards– these educational cards are an easily accessible reminder of how to stay safe both in the workplace and beyond. These cards can be distributed by employers, unions and other resource organisations either via WhatsApp to those workers who have smart phones or given to workers as a take-away when they complete their health and safety training or as and when it is opportune.

Click the links to access and download all the elements you need to keep your business and people safe.